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Procurement Fraud: Improve Fiscal Responsibilities with Procurement Fraud Detection
Originally offered on February 17, 2015
In this webinar we will explore how fraud, waste and abuse within purchasing activities can be reduced through awareness and a streamlined approach to data management and analytics.

Finding Emerging Fraud Patterns Through High Performance Analytics and Visualization
Originally offered on November 18, 2014
Discover how data analytics and visualization methods can help you identify emerging fraud risk at your organization.

How to Catch a Tax Cheat - Using Advanced Analytics to Detect and Pursue Tax Evasion
Originally offered on September 24, 2014
This webinar will identify and describe common tax evasion shemes. It will also discuss how tax administrators are using statistical methods as key weapons to detect and pursue evaders. The webinar will provide real examples of tax fraud cases using masked data.

Virtual Identity in the Digital Economy
Originally offered on August 4, 2014
This session will do a deep dive on how criminals are gaming the system to create identities to conduct fraud. You will learn how virtual identities and currencies are used to launder money, buy and sell illicit material, and enable fraud. Additionally, you will leave with a fuller understanding of how to uncover fraud schemes using the same tools used by crooks and fraudsters.

Maximizing Investigative ROI
Originally offered on June 5, 2014
In this presentation, we will explore how the Project Model approach to investigations works, define the benefits of this approach, and provide real life examples of how this approach led to over a billion dollars in ROI.

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